Mcdonald Mix And Match Menu Malaysia

Welcome to McDonald’s Mix and Match Menu in Malaysia; You can choose your favorite food from many options. Do you like McChicken? Or maybe Filet-O-Fish? You can also have a Double Cheeseburger. The menu has something for everyone! You can also add McNuggets or an Apple Pie to finish your meal.

McDonald’s Mix and Match Menu is made for people who want to try different foods without spending lots of money. You can pick what you like, such as Spicy Chicken McDeluxe and Sundae Chocolate. If you’re in Malaysia, visit McDonald’s and enjoy trying different combos from the Mix and Match Menu.

McD Mix And Match Menu With Price

McDonald’s has a Mix and Match Menu is a tasty food that’s not expensive. You can have a good meal without spending lots of money. Whether you’re alone or with friends, there’s something for everyone. You can choose what you like without worrying about the price. Just go to McDonald’s in Malaysia and try the menu today.

Menu ItemPrice (RM)
Spicy Chicken McDeluxe8.95
Double Cheeseburger10.95
McNuggets (6 pcs)9.50
Sundae Chocolate4.50
Apple Pie3.95

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all items on McDonald’s Mix and Match Menu in Malaysia are halal-certified, ensuring they meet Islamic dietary guidelines.

Popular items on the Mix-and-Match Menu include the classic cheeseburger, crispy McChicken, savory fries, refreshing drinks like Coca-Cola, and McFlurry desserts.

Yes, you can customize your order to suit your preferences. Options include:

  • Adding or removing ingredients from your burger.
  • Choosing different drink sizes.
  • Selecting your favorite sides and desserts.

Final Words

McDonald’s Mix and Match Menu in Malaysia gives you lots of different foods to choose from. It’s yummy, and it doesn’t cost too much. You can pick what you like and make your own meal. They have burgers, chicken, and sweets, so there’s something for everyone. Come to McDonald’s and try it for yourself.

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